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Spectrum of Reality
Sufi Insights

Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

Spectrum of Reality synthesizes a comprehensive analysis of the human condition and the way we perceive reality. Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri makes difficult concepts accessible, especially through the use of metaphors, allegories, and insights from modern science. His thesis is that human consciousness manifests in several ways across a spectrum that ranges from universal supreme consciousness to personal conditioned consciousness. It is the nature of human culture, thought and personal consciousness to continually operate in a dualistic way, so that Reality is obscured by several layers of fragmentation.

The ultimate harmony of human consciousness with universal reality is the challenge of existence. Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri illustrates that we can heal the split between individual and the universal by recognising that each is essential to its different territory, and believes that 'spirit' is the causal factor from which all states arise.

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Readers' Reviews

Adnan al Adnani, author of Lights of Consciousness: A Sufi view of Science and Spirituality:

"The aphorisms, precepts and commentaries presented by Shaykh Fadhlallah Haeri in his new work, Spectrum of Reality, are immensely rewarding. They provide the reader an extraordinarly insightful access into the realm of subtle meanings that underpin the outer realities; and provide not only spiritual nourishment but also an understanding of the vaster, hidden, worlds which enfold the human condition."

Dr. Ali Allawi, visiting professor at the National University of Singapore and Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Professor, Oxford University and former Minister of Finance, Iraq, Author of The Crisis of Islamic Civilzation and The Occupation of Iraq: Winning the War, Losing the Peace:

"Spectrum of Reality is a true masterpiece, a life long work, and a very well written book, which is sure to satisfy all those who earnestly yearn to know and understand the actual Meaning of Life, What is the Nature of Reality? and How to Awaken to the Divine Self, that is lying latent in each human being, and waiting to be Realised. I highly recommend this significant and priceless publication for all earnest seekers who wish to understand the Real Truth of the World in which we live."

Spectrum of Reality Website

We have made a specific and stand-alone website for some of the amazing content in this seminal work. Please feel free to navigate on and share it with like minded friends and family.


"There is a mysterious and unique light or energy from which the universe emanated and through which it is sustained and to which it returns. During the past few thousand years, many shamans, prophets, philosophers, seers and sages have emerged, propelled by the power and force of the discovery of this majestic One Reality.

Spectrum of Reality explores the mystery of countless dualities that emerge from this unity and submerge back into it. It presents sketches and maps illustrating the connections between meanings and forms, the levels and zones of consciousness and human experiences, the direction and purpose of life, and the ultimate destiny of the universe.

Approach this atlas of life as a door to deep meditation, rather than for analysis. Let these sketches and maps allow you to navigate through the intricate visible and invisible realities of life. Life on earth is a beautiful journey for those who are awakened; it becomes a liberating process from all illusions except the Real." Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri