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Son of Karbala

Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

In this autobiography the atmosphere of an Iraq in transition is brought to life with all its sights, sounds and political realities. But the author's personal concern and quest has always been spiritual rather than political, so the national and cultural upheavals are used as a backdrop for his own journey of self discovery and search for truth. For everyone interested in the events that created modern Iraq, in how Muslims view their own history and in how the message of Islam meets both individual needs and that of the world today, this is a timely and thought-provoking book.

A new dawn has also appeared in spiritual travelogues with the publication of Son of Karbala. It deserves a place among the great spiritual odysseys of our time, right next to Gurdjieff's Meetings with Remarkable Men, which is at once resembles and exceeds in its honesty and clarity.

-- Professor Bruce B. Lawrence, Duke University, Durham NC

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Readers' Reviews

This true story takes you on a journey from the heart of a loving Muslim family in Karbala, Iraq into the Western world and then to a transforming realization of why we are all here and where our destiny ends. A very readable story every spiritual seeker must know.A very readable story that will resonate in the heart of every spiritual traveller on this road through life, and beyond.


It is not often that an author combines a narrative of his everyday life with deep spiritual truths, and is also humorous and compassionate.

This book is unputdownable!

Whatever you think you may know about Islam, sufism, shiism and the recent history of the middle east, please read this book to find some new pieces to the puzzle.


I was so engrossed I did not want it to end, and felt like starting again at the beginning straight away. There is so much information and heartful teaching about life and about the spiritual path, that I feel I can gain from many readings of this wonderful story.