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Pointers to Reality
A Collection of Aphorisms for Spiritual Transcendence

Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

Consciousness is the cosmic mystery that provides all the ingredients to the majesty and beauty of Life and existence on earth. We take the simple day-to-day awareness of this Life for granted, without the respect that it deserves. Every life moves towards higher and higher levels of consciousness, often a great source of delight for us, when we witness the distinctions of growth in awareness of this beauty.

Pointers to Reality provides some helpful reminders to us that our direction is always towards full awakening, whether it occurs in this life, or in the next. We hope that these aphorisms will give you the sparks of delight of our purpose of life.

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A Slideshow of Sample Aphorisms:

Click here to watch a short slideshow of a few aphorisms from this inspirational book.