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Calling Allah By His Most Beautiful Names

Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

The primal design of human beings is based on an intrinsic knowledge of perfection and its yearning and journeying towards it. Life's experience is based on polarities and opposites, all of which is founded on a zone of constancy that does not change. All needs and desires are drives toward the perfection of the highest. The intelligent human being has no choice other than calling on Allah, whose Most Beautiful Names and Attributes are perfect at all times. It is by that calling and worship that we achieve the fruits of existence.

"In this book, we have presented a brief discourse on the doors of entry into the vast, boundless divine light created through supplication and calling upon Allah. Our hope is to facilitate its use, benefit and transformation for the traveller along the path. Thus, the repeated reading and use of this book by the seeker is recommended to open up the numerous horizons and subtleties of Allah's ways of grace."

-- from the Introduction by Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

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Book Sample (PDF)

Reader's Review

By Ayesha Powell

This has to be one of the most useful, practical and clear handbooks on the Divine Names of Allah ever written. Based on the solid foundations of Tawhid (unity) and the Prophetic Traditions, this beautiful book, also now available as an e-book, may be used to enhance our understanding of how the One works in every aspect around us in our world and could help us to establish a deep and sustainable connection with our highest potential, making divine patterns, ways and decrees more accessible to us, at a critical time in mankind's history and conscious evolution.

Used with humility and sincerity, it may help us resonate with each majestic and beautiful Name, taking our consciousness to higher realms and through us, the consciousness of the world. For how else do some of Allah's attributes manifest but through our creative thought and action? We are caught in His Names, we may as well use them for our conscious evolution, the benefit of the earth and the rest of creation--just like our beloved Prophet did and the countless other prophets and messengers did before him.

So this is an important book. It is a lucid introduction to a profound and vast subject covering aspects of `ibada (worship), the realms of creation and our role as sincere human beings who witness the power and glory and mercy of the One. The book also provides very useful guidelines on the etiquette of supplication: how we must call Him and why sometimes our calling seems to go unheard.

The simple layout makes the book very easy as a manual of reference. There is perhaps a little repetition in the introduction but the Names themselves are clearly and simply presented in elegant Arabic calligraphy with English transliteration and translation. There follows a brief etymological (the author's speciality--see the series Keys to The Quran) description, which by no means claims to be comprehensive. After all, how can we "define" the Names in the entirety of their depths and meaning? The author is merely giving us a tantalising glimpse of what these Divine Names could mean for us as individuals, and their use in our daily lives, without any esoteric mumbo-jumbo.

Highly recommended for Muslims and non-Muslims alike and anyone seeking the tools of judgement and discernment and protection to navigate through our ever-increasingly complex world.