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101 Helpful Illusions

Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

101 Helpful Illusions highlights natural veils waiting to be transcended by disciplined courage, wisdom and insight. Everything in creation has a purpose relevant to a specific situation that could lead the seeker of higher knowledge towards the ultimate spiritual truth of oneness. Thus our egotistic vices can indeed be stepping stones towards acting selflessly, spontaneously, and cheerfully with heightened awareness and good expectations in all situations. Indeed, all our mistakes can lead us towards the desired spiritual awakening -- the ultimate purpose in life.

Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri shares with the reader that whatever we consider confusing illusions or paradoxes are actually conducive to and helpful along the path of awakening and soul discovery. When consciousness transcends duality and recognizes all-encompassing unity, then all paradoxes and illusions are resolved.

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Book Sample (PDF)

Reader's Review

By Sadiqa

'....whatever we consider confusing illusions or paradoxes are actually conducive to and helpful along the path of awakening and soul discovery.'

101 Helpful Illusions describes the tricks of the ego -- and how they can be used as stepping stones to understanding our own selves.

Each aphorism is followed by a short and often humorous description of the illusion of the ego.

As there is a short and different aphorism on each page, it makes an easy but powerful read that can be dipped into regularly for reflection -- and action. If used in this way the book can act as an important and transformational guide to our own journey and a powerful tool for self realisation.

My copy is highlighted -- with stickers on pages that I need to reflect on and, more importantly, put into daily practice... It is often a travel companion as I find it so useful -- as a powerful reminder that I need constantly to 'keep me on course'. I often use it for lecture purposes -- to start off discussions on the tricks of the ego --

101 Helpful Illusions makes an excellent gift both to yourself -- and others.

Highly recommended!